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Installation Pre-Requisites

Convention Master is a web application with a wide array of event-supporting functionality that can be configured by the user. The base web application will run on the incredibly common LAMP web server stack, but some of its additional functionalities require further configuration. Before you dive into the installation process, this page will show the resources you will require.

Note: While Convention Master will run on many kinds of system, we simply do not have the manpower to support them all. If you wish to receive specific assistance with installation from the CM development team, we require you to utilise a Debian-based Linux web server. We recommend Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and many of the commands and references in this guide will be tailored to that environment. If you wish to use another type of environment, you are free to do so, but be aware that you may need to adapt, ignore or replace some of the commands in this installation guide for your own circumstances.

Base Application

Software Minimum Version Recomended Version Additional Notes
Apache Web Server 2.0 Required modules: mod_rewrite, mod_php
PHP 7.1.x 7.4 Required modules: curl, gd, mysql, mbstring
MySQL 5.5 5.7
Ioncube PHP Encoder N/A Available for any supported PHP version. Installation instructions can be found later in this guide.

Badge & Paper Printing

On Linux, you will require CUPS or EPL compatible printers, and the appropriate library installed.

If you have a Windows-only printer (many card printers are unfortunately so), we have a shell-script workaround that utilizes print-to-PDF.

Instructions on all these installation methods can be found later in this guide.

Printer Type Required Software Notes
CUPS CUPS Printing System
EPL Pkipplib