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Convention Master 10.0.8 Released on December 12th, 2019. This is an important upgrade and bugfix release. This release is focused on bug fixes and other improvements. We are now confident in recommending that customers upgrade their production websites to 10.0.8. Please see the upgrade information below.

NOTICE: Important changes - #871
Inventory of products will now be respected rather than ignored by the freebies system, counting freebies as part of the number purchased. If you want to ensure everyone gets one of a product as a freebie make sure you use the unlimited inventory method or increased stock levels.

UPGRADE WARNING: If you are currently on version 9.x, this release has special instructions added to the upgrade process. Please make sure you read them before performing an upgrade. See Upgrading Convention Master

The following changes and or features were added

  • Mantis 430 - Improved the warning messages on the CM Installer when checks find something wrong.
  • Mantis 493 - New User Defined Fields will default to the max length of 50 when the type is String and length is not specified.
  • Mantis 838 - Corrected spelling in some Filter pages.
  • Mantis 871 - Inventory of products will now be respected rather than ignored by the freebies system.
  • Mantis 1017 - Corrected an sql error that prevented removing items from Art Show shopping carts.
  • Mantis 1018 - Corrected bug in the Log Cleanup tool that prevented the "Last x days/months ect..." from working properly.
  • Mantis 1021 - Fixed an issue where quicksearch was redirecting with an extra slash in front of console in the url.


Before starting an upgrade, we recommend that you backup your Convention Master database and files.

To perform the upgrade, run a Subversion update in the folder that contains your Convention Master installation:

$ svn up /path/to/convention_master

When this has completed, log in to the staff console [] with an account that has the "Perform DB and System Upgrades" permission to automatically trigger any pending schema updates. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP, otherwise it will leave your install in a locked upgrade state.

For fuller/more complete information on upgrading your Convention Master installation, please see our upgrade documentation.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at