Automated Tasks

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Automated Tasks

Convention Master has automated tasks that are designed to run recurringly at various intervals to perform routine tasks. Most notably are the Email Sending and PayPal scraping tasks.

Available Tasks

There are currently 5 automated tasks:

  • Paypal API Scraper
  • Checks PayPal for any pending payments that are now marked as funded. (to catch non-instant payment types like echeck and bank transfers in PayPal)
  • Email Sender
  • Sends all queued emails in the background. Pretty much required to send email consistently.
  • Unpaid Member Cleanup
  • ...
  • Delete UID's marked for Purge
  • ...
  • Clean up Orphaned UID's
  • ...

Configuring Automated Tasks

You can add, remove, and configure automated tasks in the Staff Console. It is in the 'Admin - Install' menu as 'Automated Tasks.'

Important Notes

  • Automated Tasks depends on a cron job setup on the web server that is constantly running a special file in the background. Setting up this cron job is part of the normal installation process. See Cron Jobs.
  • As of Convention Master version 9.5.0 there is a warning that will be shown on the Staff Console index page if the cron job is not running.