Global Settings

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Global Settings


Sometimes the convention master system needs particular behaviour for only specific conventions. If a convention needs something to behave differently from the standard operation then they can use these global settings to set up that behavious.


  • GLOBAL_debug [Bool] Add this as a Bool and set it to true to turn on debug mode for console and kiosks. This is NOT RECOMENDED on live servers, as it may cause performance and/or appearance issues.
  • db_version [Int] Stores the current database version. This value is upated automatically during software upgrades should never be changed manually on a production system as this can result in database corruption and/or an inoperable installation. (int) Default: No default for this value.
  • API_GoogleMapsApiKey [String] Stores the google maps API key for use when doing google mapping of registrant location.
  • CONSOLE_PaymentsAccepted [Array] Stores the array of payment types that will be accepted by cashiers of the system. (array) Default: array('paypal'=>'Paypal','comped'=>'Comped','cash'=>'Cash','cheque'=>'Cheque')
  • CONSOLE_Pre-regProcessPaymentOfZero [Array] Stores a array telling the system which payment methods are allowed to record a payment of 0 dollars in the pre-reg process payments tool. The available options on this setting are the same as CONSOLE_PaymentsAccepted (array) Default: Unset Purpose: Tell the system which payment methods are allowed to record 0$ payments. This can be handy, if you are adding free items to certain people. Usually this is a array consisting of 'comped'=>'Comped' or 'cash'=>'Cash'.
  • CONSOLE_ProcessPaymentEmailPrivacy [String] Determines how the pre-reg process payment script will pay attention to email privacy.
    • IgnorePrivacy (Default)- This means the process payment script will ignore the okay_to_email flag on the email addresses and send a reciept email to the customer regardless.
    • NoIgnorePrivacy - This means the process payment script will not ignore the spam/nospam settings and if the customer has set their email address to nospam, the system will not email the customer a reciept (even if it's checked off in the process payment screen)
  • CONSOLE_ProcessRefund_RecordPayment [String] Deterimes how the pre-reg process refund script will handle refunding of ITEMS in the refund function
    • Always (Default) - Always record a payment at the same time as refunding the items.
    • Prompt - Prompt with a checkbox to record a payment at the same time as refunding the items.
    • Never - Don't record a payment at the same time as refunding the items.
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_WhenToPrintBadge [String] - Determines the timing of when the badge will print.
    • AtCartAdd (Default) - This is the default method, badges print when the UID is added to the cashier Cart
    • Never - This will prevent badges from being printed ever.
    • AtCartZero - This will print all the badges for each uid, when the total of the cart reaches a zero balance.
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_PrintReceipt [String] Determines whether a reciept will be printed for each transaction.
    • Off (Default) - This means the receipt checkbox is off, and the cashier has to check it to print a receipt.
    • On - This means the receipt checkbox is on, and the cashier has to unchcek it each time to not print a receipt.
    • Always - This means the checlbox has been removed, and the cashier doesn't get a choice, the Reciept will be printed.
    • Never - This means the checkbox has been removed, and the cashier doesn't get a choice, no reciept will ever be provided.
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_CreditTransactionIdRegex [String] This will provide a regex to check your transaction id by. Default: No default for this value
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_PaypalTransactionIdRegex [String] This will provide a regex to check your transaction id by. Default: No defualt for this value
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_ignoreActivationDate [Bool] This setting will allow you to use your console cash register prior to the pre-reg end date. This can be useful for testing or training.
    • true - Ignore the pre-reg end date, and activate the console cash register at all times.
    • false (Default) - Pay attention to the pre-reg end date and activate the console cash register only during events. (This helps prevent mistakes from people using the cash register instead of the pre-reg process payment tool)
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_birthDateOrder [String] This will change the order of the birthday input boxes in the cash register.
    • mdy (Default) - Month, Day, Year
    • dmy - Day, Month, Year
    • ymd - Year, Month, Day
    • ydm - Year, Day, Month
    • none - No input boxes, but will display birthday.
  • CONSOLE_CashboxRequirement [String] This controls whether there is a requirement to utilize cashboxes when processing payments.
    • ​None (Default) - No cashbox control is turned on
    • Optional - Cashbox control is on, but cashiers can do their job without using a cashbox.
    • Force - Cashbox control is on, and cashiers must use a cashbox to do their job.
  • CONSOLE_CashboxReOpenPreventionCounter [Int] This sets how many days after the event, before cashboxes cannot be re-opened. Default: 5
  • GLOBAL_NoFanNameSwap [Bool] This set to true will disable the behaviour of substituting a blank fan_name field with First Name and Last Name when fan_name is blank.
    • True - Fan name does _NOT_ swap with real name in situations.
    • False (Default) - Fan name will do it's traditional swapping, when present fan_name field will be used instead.
  • GLOBAL_MinimumUid [Int] (Integer) To have UID's start counting from a specific number. (The fill-holes functionality will still work). If set to 10 for example, all new UID's created will be 10 or higher. Default: 1
  • GLOBAL_PrintedAupFile [String] This setting overrrides which script is used when printing the AUP. (string) Default: aup_form.php
    • aup_form.php (default) - This is the default value if this global variable is not set.
    • aup_pdf.php - This will set the AUP system to use the PDF generator for printing and displaying of AUPs.
    • thermal_aup.php - This script is used to print the AUP using a thermal printer instead of a normal full-page printer. Additionally, script-specific printing control parameters may be included after a ? as traditional URL arguments in the format of "?arg1=value1&arg2=value2", etc. Ex, a value of "thermal_aup.php?cols=80" specifies that AUPs should be printed using the thermal printer script with a printer width of 80 columns.
  • CONSOLE_EVENTSETUP_EnableReceiptPrinterSpecialChars [Bool] This setting enables display of fields which allow entering non-printable setup and trailing bytes to be sent to receipt printers at start and end of each receipt print job.
    • True (Default) - Special fields are displayed.
    • False - Special fields are NOT displayed.
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_EnableMailingAddressDisplay [Bool] This enables display of the mailing addresses on the cash register's birthdate and name verification screen before adding the person to the cashier's cart. A button is also displayed allowing a quick jump to edit that attendee's information if it is incorrect. (boolean) Default: False
    • True - Address information is displayed for verification.
    • False (Default) - Address information is NOT displayed.
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_EnableBadgeDisplayCodeSelection [Bool This controls whether a drop-down box showing the attendee's currently-chosen badge_display_code (and allowing it to be changed) is shown on thecash register's birthdate and name verification screen before adding that person to the cashier's cart.
    • True - The badge_display_code drop-down is shown.
    • False (Default) - The badge_display_code drop-down is NOT shown.
  • CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_PrintCouponsOnReceipt [Array] This controls whether (and what) item coupons are printed at the end of receipts.
    • Purpose: For some events it may be desired to not stock some items obtained via registration in the same physical room or area in which on-site registration takes place. This feature allows coupons to be printed at the end of the receipt which can be redeemed at the Convention Store elsewhere in exchange for the intended item.
    • Value: an array of pairs of (item_upc => membership_regex) where:
      • item_upc is a string containing the item# of an item which may be obtained via coupon for membership types which match the assocated membership_regex. Ex, "1000047", "1234567", etc. Each item_upc may only be listed once.
      • membership_regex is a string containing a Perl-Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) regex pattern which will match one or more membership types defined at this event for which the assocated item_upc should have a coupon printed. Ex, "/.*/" matches all membership types, "/^STAFF$/" matches only the membership type "STAFF", "/^OS[SP][C]*$" matches "OSP", "OSS", "OSPC" and "OSSC", etc.
    • Note: No error reporting is performed for invalid regex patterns provided here. Invalid patterns simply fail to match anything. It is recommended that one of the many freely-available "regex testers" be used to validate regex patterns against desired membership types before using them in this setting and that testing be performed /w a test database to ensure this feature will work as desired.
  • EMAIL_ResetLinkTimeout [Int] This stores the setting for how long email links last before they expire. This value is defined in minutes. Default: 10
  • SYSTEM_MembershipSummary [Array] This stores the membership sumary results of the last time that membership_summary was run. It is safe to delete this variable, it will get re-created as needed by the system.
  • PRINTING_htmldocArgs [String] This setting lets you override what the htmldoc command arguments are when printing using the CUPS print method for HTML text.
    • Default Value: --header ' ' --footer ' ' --fontsize 10 --left 0.5in --right 0.5in --top 0.5in --bottom 0.5in
    • Warning: If you change this , you are adding text to the command line call. Your new command will be: htmldoc --webpage <YOURTEXT> -f "<URLToPrint>"

Depricated Settings

These settings existed in older systems.

  • CONSOLE_LoginAttempts [Int] Specifies the allowed number of failed console login attempts before the console will deactivate a users account (int) Default: 5
  • CONSOLE_ClearOlderThanMin [Int] Stores the number of minutes that an account is de-activated due to excessive failed login attempts remains de-activated before it is re-activated. (int) Default: 10
  • CONSOLE_LockoutFor [Int] Stores the number of minutes into the future the lockout will be set as.(int) Default: 45
  • CONSOLE_PRINTING_AddPrintToPdfLabelPrinters [Array] This setting will add as many print-to-pdf label printer folders to your system as you want. (array) Default: No Set Default. Example of use: array('pdf1'=>'/srv/www/convention_master/labels/')
  • CONSOLE_PHOTO_BADGING_UploadFolderLocation [String] This specifies the absolute path for the fursuit photo badging upload folder. This folder must be writable by the web server. A sub-folder will be created here with the event_id of the current event. (ex, "/var/www/photos/upload/") - Depricated as of 8.2.7, new version of Photo Badging uses logs/photos/ folder
  • CONSOLE_PHOTO_BADGING_UploadFolderRelUrl [String] This specifies the relative path from where Convention Master is installed to the fursuit photo bading upload folder. (ex, "/photos/upload/" or "../photos/upload/"). - Depricated as of 8.2.7, new version of photo badging uses logs/photos/ folder.