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Kiosks are the main way the attendee's of your convention will interact with Convention Master. They are used for general event registration online, event registration on site, vendor/dealer registration, art show artist registration, and so on. They are highly configurable and you will likely have more than one to set up.

Note: A graphical kiosk editor was added to the staff console in version 9.5.0. This documentation is for using the graphical kiosk editor and will not apply to earlier versions.

General Types of Kiosk

While there are many options on how to configure a kiosk, they generally fall into one of a few categories:

  • General Pre-Convention Registration
  • General At-Convention Registration
  • Special/Staff/'Guest of Honor' Registration
  • Dealers Den Application
  • Dealers Den Payment
  • Art Show Application
  • Art Show Den Payment

Setting up a Kiosk

Instructions will be added here soon