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NOTE: This page contains release notes for a past release of Convention Master. The current version is 10.1.7.

Convention Master 10.0.12 Released on May 30, 2020. This is an important upgrade and bugfix release. This release fixes some issues and adds new functionality around the use of user defined fields (UDFs)

Security Note: The previous version 10.0.9 contains a security patch for CM which will be applied here and is important to review.

Upgrade Note: Kiosk UDF display options have changed: The default behavior for displaying user defined fields have changed. The old behavior was to display all user defined fields to the attendee if no UDFs were explicitly selected. The new behavior will display no user defined fields to the attendee if no UDFs are explicitly selected.

Upgrade Note: CUPS printing changes: The previous version 10.0.9 contains changes to how cups works. This change requires curl to be installed on the server. This is a standard package and you can install it if it is not already by the following command:

sudo apt install curl

Upgrade Note: Theme Style Sheet The previous version 10.0.9 contains changes which will be included here. If you are using a custom theme or a theme other than Redmond please update your main css file with a new class for the new buttons for username login. located in theme/redmond/styles.css on line 1097: .bluebutton class.

   Release notes for version 10.0.12.
    May 30, 2020

The following changes and or features were added

  • Mantis 1091 - Added ability to search UDF results using udf:<response> and it will seach ANY/ALL UDFs for that response. The ability to search specific UDF fields already existed by searching <fieldname>:<response> or just <fieldname>: For example if the field was named "Staff" then you could search "Staff:" and find all with that flag. If a field was named "Species" you could search "Species:Civet" and find all civets.
  • Mantis 1090 - Corrected issue where dictated user defined fields were not saving correctly especially when there were no user defined fields set to display items. System now properly handles kiosks where user defined fields are simply set to dictated.
  • Mantis 1089 - Added a new user defined field type "regex" that will allow you to create a user defined field that can be validated before saving using regular expressions.
  • Changed behaviour of kiosk; if you choose the user defined field step in kiosk configuration but choose NO settings or fields to set up, the default behaviour has changed from displaying all available user defined fields to the user, to not displaying anything to the user and silently moving onto the next step.
  • Updated user defined fields to support random assignment of list items.
  • Updated user defined fields, allow the use of blank() to force-erase the value that may have previously existed for a user defined field.
  • Updated user defined fields, now field_defined can become the "default value" for fields that are being displayed. This means that users can set a default value but allow users to change that value.
  • Updated the field editor to include links to the ability to view the raw data and graph data of the fields.


Before starting an upgrade, we recommend that you backup your Convention Master database and files.

To perform the upgrade, run a Subversion update in the folder that contains your Convention Master installation:

$ svn up /path/to/convention_master

When this has completed, log in to the staff console [] with an account that has the "Perform DB and System Upgrades" permission to automatically trigger any pending schema updates. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP, otherwise it will leave your install in a locked upgrade state.

For fuller/more complete information on upgrading your Convention Master installation, please see our upgrade documentation.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at