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NOTE: This page contains release notes for a past release of Convention Master. The current version is 10.1.7.

Convention Master 10.0.2 was released 2019-02-27.

UPGRADE WARNING: If you are currently on version 9.x, this release has special instructions added to the upgrade process. Please make sure you read them before performing an upgrade. See Upgrading Convention Master


A bug existed that prevents PayPal charges from using your set currency when using a kiosk created with the Console based kiosk editor. (Mantis 913) This release fixes the bug and runs a database query that will retroactively correct all kiosk PayPal settings to set the currency properly. The result of this bug is PayPal defaulting to charge all payments in USD. Please double check your kiosk payment settings after updating to 10.0.2 and review your PayPal transaction history if you use a currency other than USD. (This bug did not affect old kiosks that still use a manually edited 'steps' setting file.)

Bug fixes

  • Mantis 908 - New Kiosk Final Screen added that displays a barcode to show cashiers. - For paperless at-con!
  • Mantis 910 - The number of cashboxes that can be made in bulk cashbox creator at a time has been limited to 60.
  • Mantis 911 - Fixed bug that would display "Module Not Found" when using Cashbox Management / Cashbox Assignment while cashboxes are disabled even though the module loaded fine.
  • Mantis 912 - Kiosk - Custom Payment Buttons now support all replacement tags.
  • Mantis 913 - Fixed Kiosk Editor bug that caused PayPal currency setting to be ignored and default to USD.
  • Mantis 914 - Corrected currency counter issue that sometimes prevented cash box closing.


Before starting an upgrade, we recommend that you backup your Convention Master database and files.

To perform the upgrade, run a Subversion update in the folder that contains your Convention Master installation:

$ svn up /path/to/convention_master

When this has completed, log in to the staff console [] with an account that has the "Perform DB and System Upgrades" permission to automatically trigger any pending schema updates. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP, otherwise it will leave your install in a locked upgrade state.

For fuller/more complete information on upgrading your Convention Master installation, please see our upgrade documentation.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at