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NOTE: This page contains release notes for a past release of Convention Master. The current version is 10.1.7.

Convention Master 10.1.3 Released on July 17, 2021.

UPGRADE WARNING: If you are currently on version 10.0.x, release 10.1 has special instructions added to the upgrade process. Please make sure you read them before performing an upgrade. See Upgrading Convention Master

          Release notes for version 10.1.3.
              July 17, 2021, 16:28:

The following changes and or features were added
  • Mantis 0488: Logon History - added functionality to log when user logs into CM, it also tells the user their last login information, and added a new menu called "My Activity" that shows all activity that the UID was affected by in system log.
  • Mantis 0884: Agreements Text Disclosure Bug. We closed a bug that a user could enumerate through the agreements id's to discover other agreements in the system.
  • Mantis 1119: Added Cloud Printing reference implementations for powershell and bash. Rearranged all existing printing scripts into other/client_printing_scripts. Added index files to the other/ file tree, added index file to cloud printing so it can be downloaded from the internet. Added Fixes for moved install location for foxit, as well as the ability to supply a path via params on the script. README supplied to explain setup better.
  • Mantis 1131: Corrected a bug that misreported the number of memberships sold in situations where they were refunded.
  • Mantis 1147: Updated the artshow wizard to pad new tables added with leading zeros to help keep panels listed orderly.
  • Mantis 1148: Corrected installer errors that blocked progression when you have an existing DB.
  • Mantis 1149: Corrected bug where some User Defined Fields would not save or display correctly when using the pencil icon to edit reg.
  • Mantis 1151: Corrected crash error that occurs on the View Reg page when event doesn't have old cc processor defined properly.
  • Mantis 1152: Corrected issue with MySQL 8 and improved email server password encryption/decryption.
  • Mantis 1153: Updated PHP code in preparation for future PHP compatibility.
  • Mantis 1154: Fixed a bug that would happen if you attempted to delete an email server that had sent messages. It now shows an error.
  • Mantis 1155: Added help button with information on membership caps to the edit events tool.
  • Mantis 1156: Updated final step of the kiosk payment screen to make it more clear that you are done registering.
  • Mantis 1157: Membership spelling fix.
  • Mantis 1158: Fixed issue where email's modified in the kiosk editor are HTML but the email message is not sent using HTML support.
  • Mantis 1159: add ifproductspurchased() function to badge image display. This will allow people to draw elements on the badge depending on whether or not items have been purchased.


Before starting an upgrade, we recommend that you backup your Convention Master database and files.

To perform the upgrade, run a Subversion update in the folder that contains your Convention Master installation:

$ svn up /path/to/convention_master

When this has completed, log in to the staff console [] with an account that has the "Perform DB and System Upgrades" permission to automatically trigger any pending schema updates. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP, otherwise it will leave your install in a locked upgrade state.

For fuller/more complete information on upgrading your Convention Master installation, please see our upgrade documentation.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at