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        Release notes for version 10.2.0.
                March 10, 2023

The following changes and or features were added
  • Mantis 198 - Fixed a bug in the filter system caused when a chained filter has 0 results.
  • Mantis 487 - Filter result browser now starts at result 1 rather than 0 on the page footer.
  • Mantis 893 - The Filter editor will now do some basic checks to make sure all fields are filled in before allowing you to save a filter.
  • Mantis 867 - Fixed a bug in the filter system when using the "BUT NOT" option causing unexpected behavior.
  • Mantis 1181 - Added a new feature to the printing system that allows for workstations to be assigned to printer pools via a browser cookie (previously it was only IP based). This will help conventions that may be cloud hosting thier CM server during the convention.
    • If the system finds a IP based workstation assignment, that assignment is used, just like the system was before.
    • If the system does not find a IP based workstation assignment, then the system will use a cookie to store the preferred printer pool.
    • Creation of IP based assignments are now ONLY able to be created in the "Workstation Assign" tool under Admin - Printing inside the console.
  • Mantis 1236 - New Feature - Drivers License Scanning A new feature to Convention Master will allow you to use specific barcode readers to read the PDF417 barcodes found on the back of most (if not all) ID's in the United States and Canada. You must first program your barcode scanner to support decoding of "AAMVA" style barcodes. Further, we noticed that British Columbia uses a non-standard AAMVA barcode, so we have tested that and coded in support for that barcode scanner too.
    • The barcode scanning can be used in the 'Quicksearch' tool and the 'Cash register' tool.
    • When using the barcode scanning in the cash register tool, the system is able to (optionally or automatically) pull in the Address from the ID and save it to the database for that customer.
    • When using the barcode scanning in the cash register tool, the customer's Birthday will pre-populate into the Birthday Check field.
  • Mantis 1281/1331 - Fixed a bug that prevented Bulk Payment via Filter from processing payments using the bulk process payment tool.
  • Mantis 1324 - Fixed issue in processing zero dollar payments in the pre-reg tool can result in "Amount must be greater than zero"
  • Mantis 1325 - When mass mailing vouchers, it will override user email spam preferences since its not marketing.
  • Mantis 1338 - Changed the Square payment gateway to record the Square Receipt Number as the transaction reference for successful to provide an easy way of looking for the matching transaction on the Square website.
  • Mantis 1339 - Fixed bag stuffing sticker printing render bug - There was a bug that on occasion a bag stuffing sticker would render improperly.
   * It was discovered that in certain cases the bag stuffing sticker used the same badge display code as another item a collision would occur.
  • Mantis 1340 - When preprinting badges, the system will now use the event settings default rather than always FNOT for anyone who does not have a preferred badge code set by a kiosk at time of printing.
  • Mantis 1341 - Fixed a bug in the badge code system that prevented "image_grayscale" function from working.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed a issue finding and setting up the option to allow voucher payments in pre-reg process payment tool.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in a blank screen in mass emailer if your chosen filter resulted in no people. This now displays an error message.
  • Added a new filter for the filter system, a "Search" filter. This let's you search by any combination of names and or phone numbers etc.
  • A new Help dialog has been added to the System Settings tool which will help describe the reason and options for some of the settings.