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   Release notes for version 10.2.1.
    April 15, 2023, 21:24:

   This release contains all changes listed below

The following changes and or features were added
  • A noticen was added to index of console that lets people know that versions 10.3.0 and above will require PHP 8.1
  • Mantis 1365 - In view-reg, the pencil icon at the top right will no longer edit user defined fields. This functionality was broken because editing user defined fields using that method could not "unset" user defined fields and would errorusly set "list" type fields to some value.
  • Mantis 1363 - A bug was found in the artshow Close wizard that would prevent closing on newer versions of PHP.
  • Mantis 1361 - Corrected a issue when Checking in and out artwork from scanguns that the page would load as blank.
  • Mantis 1354 - Upgraded the quicksearch to allow it to search for kiosk username too.
  • Mantis 1346 - Added a Email History cleanup tool that will clean up (currently english emails) for emails that don't need to be kept long term such as activation requests or password resets.
    • Also added better filtering for when searching through email histories.
  • Mantis 1233 - Removed the warning about the system log getting large. Also made a system that will dump crashdumps from system logs, and delete system logs older than certain dates.
    • Also added better filtering for when searching through system logs.
  • Mantis 1344 - Fixed a issue that would cause filters that include payment filters to crash.
  • Mantis 1210 - Upgraded the badge editor, you can now add and remove badge display codes from badge types dynamically.
  • Mantis 1345 - Added better error messages to the kiosk to allow the user to have a bit more information about why their registaiton might have been interrupted in the middle of going through a kiosk. This should help debug future kiosk loops.
  • Mantis 1343 - Added the ability for users to have many languages for their first and last name. (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, Turkish) and some First nations languages such as: Cree (using a standardized writing system called Cree syllabics), :Ojibwe (also known as Anishinaabemowin) and Inuktitut (using a writing system based on the Latin script)
  • Mantis ??? - Added ability to quicksearch user defined fields
  • Feature - We added a notification to let users know where the match was found if a search finds a single user.
  • Mantis 1210 - Badge display code Editing
    • Corrected a bug in the badge display code editor. If you had no "badge code" when trying to switch badge display code to another type, it would silently fail to switch the badge display code.
    • Added the ability to Delete Badge display codes from badge types.
    • Added the ability to Add badge display codes from badge types.
    • Added the ability to re-name badge display codes.