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   Release notes for version 10.3.0.
    July 23, 2023, 03:11:

   This release contains all changes listed below

   * Mantis 155 - New feature!!   Email templates have been made multilingual, and brought into the UI. 
   * Mantis 1372 - Cloud Printing Download URL
   * Mantis 1377 - Add UID to Cashier Screen. - Added button to the cashier screen that allows user to go back and look at UID record.
   * Mantis 1379 - Badge Name Regex Fix - Fixed a issue that was caused in 10.2.1 where charachters that used to be allowed are no longer allowed. 
   * Mantis 1361 - Corrected kiosk bug that happens when you try to enable kiosk step 30
   * Mantis 1368 - No Birthday Print failure - Using the system settings to set the birthday collection to "No birthday collection" the system will crash with a error.
   * Mantis 1305 - Replaced existing JSON marshaller
   * Mantis 1375 - User defined fields - Fixed a error when filtering by FLAG, getting the error message "Expected a value; Got..."	
   * Mantis 155  - Email Templates Feature - 
   * The Credit card payment browser report now shows only transactions from the last year.