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   Release notes for version 10.3.1.
    September 17, 2023, 05:06:

   This release contains all changes listed below

  • 1392 - At Con Hourly Report: Report showed each person doing transactions (including self checkout customers), now report excludes all self checkout payments when reporting this way.
    • Cashier Report: Ensured the Cashier report also excludes self-checkout payments, and now displays cashier fan_name if available.
  • 1393 - Refund Process Improvements : We have now added some quick-reasons to the process refund system to allow for quicker refunding if you choose one of the pre-selected
    • Also made the default refund screen the Refund payment as oppose to refund product/membershps as it has been suggested refund payments is more often used.
  • 1401 - Quicksearch Upgrades: Added the ability to search 'help' to get more info on possible search strings.
    • Added the ability to search by regnum: reg: or r: to find people by reg number at the currently selected event.
    • Added the ability to search by trx: paypaltrx: to search for transaction ID's
    • Added the ability to search by paynotes: or compnotes: to search payment notes.
    • Added the ability to search by linked: to search for people who have links.
  • 1403 - Delete Kiosk Bug: Fixed a bug that would result in a white screen when trying to delete a kioks that had gateway_transaction records pointing at it. It now updates those gateway transactions to have a null kiosk_id, and otherwise leaves the records.
  • 1405 - Payment Gateway Secondary Key : There was a issue that saving payment gateway secondary id's and client id's would not save properly.
  • 1406 - Manual Reg Entry: Fixed a issue with Manual reg entry, Translation object wasn't defined in file and was causing errors.
  • 1407 - Email Reset Link / Locale Fail - Emails would fail if the locale in the browser was set to a Supported Locale, but the email template didn't have a template Body for that particular language.
  • 1411 - Change Language Title : Modified en_US to be labelled English (United States) as oppose to English (Simplified)
  • 1412 - Typo in e-mail template bindings prevented URLs being constructed
  • 1414 - Artshow/Dealers Applications full: Fixed a issue that caused a error message of: "Applications Full - Dealers Den has reached the maximum allowed number of applications. Only Existing applications will be able to continue."
  • 1415 - Filter Result Browser: Added count of number of results returned to the filter result browser screen.
  • 1416 - Filter Name Upgrades: When using the filter system, the saved filters show rl_first and rl_last, switching this to show fan_name if there is one with our general move forward that con staff should be identified only by their furry name.