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   Release notes for version 10.3.2.
    December 12, 2023, 07:02:

   This release contains all changes listed below

  • Mantis 1351 - Corrected a badge display bug, If someone had a common_name more than 14 charachters long, but with NO spaces, it would print the common_name_top on the badge missing the first charachter of their name.
  • Mantis 1359 - Fixed a issue where the system was unable to print badges "At cart add", also cleaned up some error message printing, and added some possible resolutions to printer error logs for CUPS printing.
  • Mantis 1350 - Fixes for ID scanning bugs
    • Added better searching of O'breins and Mac Donalds, etc,
    • Added tooltip to highlighted syntax of date of birth corrections
    • Changed the no-results found for the ID scanning message.
    • Added more colours to the multiple-results-found screen on cash register barcode scanning to make it easier to read differences between ID scans.
    • Added space, dash, and apostrophe as accepted characters for scanned names in scanner-preparsed data (!V1!...)
    • Added System Setting adjustable limits for DL Scan results and display
    • Added highlighting for DOB when data differs (or is new) compared to saved data
    • Added error message for no matches found with DL Scan
    • Fixed SQL error when scanned person was not in DB
    • Fixed DOB carrythrough for DL Scan, Scan Selector, and when going through Agreements sub-page
    • Fixed minor error message in Agreements
  • Mantis 1420 - Template support to Email History Cleanup task
    • Added template support for Email History Cleanup
    • Added explainers to Automated Tasks
    • Corrected line endings in cleanupOrphanedUID's task
    • Fixed DB version in delete registrant tool.
  • Mantis 1353 - Modified the syntax on UID filtering to support comma values such as 12,48,29 but also operators and spans so the string <8,11-15,19,22,76,<500 would be a functional option too..
  • Mantis 1421 - Various Filter Fixes
    • Ensured that every filter error checking function was existing and using the formValidation method within the .filter files,
    • Increased the readability and quality of form error messages.
    • Removed MUCH old code.
  • Mantis 1419 - Fix UDF Fields - Fixed a error that happened when you dictated answers, but the dictated answer was not the FIRST UDF to be saved. Very Edge case, but this is now corrected.
  • Mantis 1422 - Barcode Generation Error - Corrected a bug where barcodes would sometimes generate as solid black bars as oppose to the barcode.
  • Mantis 1393 - Refund Process Improvements
    • We have now added some quick-reasons to the process refund system to allow for quicker refunding if you choose one of the pre-selected
    • Also made the default refund screen the Refund payment as oppose to refund product/membershps as it has been suggested refund payments is more often used.