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NOTE: This page contains release notes for a past release of Convention Master. The current version is 10.1.7.

Released 2015-01-19


Performing this upgrade will require the user to manually edit shared_php/db_connect.php

List of Changes in 8.2.7

  • Update release version to 8.2.7
  • Updated all_dbio_is_date calls in dbio files
  • Mantis Ticket 311 - Made it so that artshow settings that rely on questions cannot us "HTML BLOCK" type.
  • Mantis Ticket 316 - Corrected bug where registrants with null badge types had error.
  • Resolved incorrect error message about requirements for paypal automated processing UID when saving modified event.
  • Mantis Ticket 326 - Corrected bug that prevented the creation of user defined fields.
  • Mantis Ticket 322 - Corrected bug where users were unable to delete printers or printer pools.
  • Corrected bug that cause issues where the printing subfolder had to be copied to root of filesystem in server.
  • Added one-click unsubscribe functionality to CM
  • Added unsubscribe logging
  • Mantis Ticket 333 - Fixed Unable to click "process" for credit cards through kiosk. This bug affected Opera and Chrome but Firefox was okay.
  • Added global variable for countries that must have single-click one-click Unsubscribe (as opposed to asking for confirmation)
  • Added error message to all errors in user_login. (Blank messages were being shown)
  • Fixed display of error messages in various locations throughout system.
  • Corrected bug in logging functionality.
  • Added ionCube loader to missing dependencies message
  • Mantis Ticket 349 - Corrected malfunctioning payment holds system, which was missing event id and reg_num when recording payment holds.
  • Improved age calculation.
  • Bug Fix - PDF not printing minor badges.
  • Updated printing to not show as minor if age of maturity is set to zero, and birthdate is null.
  • Mantis Ticket 348 - Crashdump data is now word-wrapped to page size in system log.
  • Mantis Ticket 356 - Added missing code to allow show all/show active toggle on list artwork to work
  • Mantis Ticket 358 - Added functionality such that, while adding a UID to your cash register cart, if you click on edit_this_reg, it will bring you back after you save your edits. This eliminates having to click through cash register and entering the UID again.
  • Mantis Ticket 355 - Fixed search form not working on modify_logins
  • Mantis Ticket 315 - Fixed Module not found error on
  • In 03_artshow_pay_controller kiosk step, remove requirement that 99_deliver_pdf step be included in the steps array if the show type is Dealers.
  • Updated printing functions to handle null badgetype with spaces
  • Updated cahier screen to calculate proper age
  • Updated badge image to calculate underage flag properly
  • Updated global isUnderage and getRegistrantAge to fix some typos
  • Mantis Ticket 395: incorrect replacement strings in example text for $_SESSION['98_online_payment_main']['custom_completion_email_body'] in kiosk files.
  • Mantis Ticket 399, unable to add assistants in 03_artshow_pay_controller kiosk step.
  • Changed footer in redmond for kiosks to be more visible and appealing
  • Fixed column spacing on log in screen
  • Changed Logout method to set the url back to console index so if someone else logs in, they don’t run into a permission denied screen from whatever the previous staff was doing.
  • Fixed Trapa's name on install db creation
  • Fixed gateway cashier uid check that was preventing installation.
  • Updated max upload size for check images to be 10.5 MB
  • Corrected bug that prevented cheque scans from being uploaded correctly.
  • Fixed issue in process refund, would error out if you check email registrant but no email is on file. Works with clean info message.
  • Added nice error message when no products exist
  • Added nice error message when no printer pools exist
  • Mantis Ticket 437 - Resolved some sanitize concerns.
  • Fixed the email sent by the kiosk having null name and improved the signature.
  • Mantis Ticket 185 - birth date fields in cash register will now auto select everything when you tab through.
  • Mantis Ticket 380 - Check ID screen no longer has auto-complete on birth date fields.
  • Mantis Ticket 365 - updated cashbox functions and displays to use ONLY the amount of CASH against warn and limit levels. CC and PayPal will not be checked for limit thresholds.
  • Mantis Ticket 411 - Artist Check-in and Check-Out Forms - Change Date/Time Labels to read "Date/Time:"
  • Mantis Ticket 401 - Cancel Button does not work in Dealer's Den -> Configuration -> Table Fees screen fixed for "edit fees" in and out of wizard. Returns to show settings.
  • Mantis Ticket 218 - Fixed the error that prevented dealer assistants to be assigned in console.
  • Mantis Ticket 339 - Disabled auto complete on Credit Card fields of kiosk.
  • Added JCrop library
  • Update Photo badging system to use new crop interface.
  • Mantis Ticket 235 - removed requirement for global settings when doing photo badging.
  • Created a heat map that displays registrants on a google map. IT LOOKS NICE :D
  • Mantis Ticket 441 - Fixed: Editing artshow fees makes it too easy to create duplicate products.
  • Mantis Ticket 442 - Add email notification feature when recording bids.
  • Set default focus to month, since it is now first to appear as opposed to year in cashier screen.
  • Updated countries to include country code.
  • Updated database version 538 - Altered zip_codes table to support country, added chequeToName in events table.
  • Mantis Ticket 374 - Corrected artshow shipping fees issue.
  • Added some font files to library.
  • Updated mail_in_reg_form to take the chequeToName and address info from the events table.
  • Removed unnecessary reference to registration_cheque_name
  • Updated mailing address in cred_card_receipt.php
  • Added "Map Attendee Location" to Reports menu - displays a heatmap of where your registrants are from.
  • Mantis Ticket 452 - Corrected issue where bad HTML tags in interview questions caused render errors.


Before starting an upgrade, we recommend that you backup your Convention Master database and files.

To perform the upgrade, run a Subversion update in the folder that contains your Convention Master installation:

$ svn up /path/to/convention_master

When this has completed, log in to the staff console [] with an account that has the "Perform DB and System Upgrades" permission to automatically trigger any pending schema updates. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP, otherwise it will leave your install in a locked upgrade state.

For fuller/more complete information on upgrading your Convention Master installation, please see our upgrade documentation.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at