Tag Replacements

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Replacement Tags

Replacement tags are special strings ment for emails and some other special places. They allow you to make text templates that have tags that will be replaced with contextual data at the time of sending or display to the user/attendee. For example:

Hello {{reg_full_name}},

    Thank you for ...

Will be replaced with:

Hello Jane Smith,

    Thank you for ...

Basic Tags

Basic tags are the standard set of replacement tags. Here is a list of all possible tags and what they will be replaced with. For tags that insert attendee data that can have multiple entries such as the attendee's email or address, the tags will always use the first stored entry for the attendee.


   {{event_id}} outputs the Event Id. Example: "DEMO_1"
   {{event_title}} outputs the Event Title. Example: "Demo Event"  
   {{event_start_date}} outputs event start date from event settings.  
   {{event_end_date}} outputs event end date from event settings.
   {{event_age_of_maturity}} outputs event age of maturity from event settings. 
   {{event_pre_reg_end_date}} outputs event pre-reg end date from event settings. 
   {{event_AUP}} outputs event_aup text. This is for backward compatibility, not recommended for new uses.  
   {{event_address_1}} outputs address line 1 from event settings.  
   {{event_address_2}} outputs address line 2 from event settings. 
   {{event_address_3}} outputs address line 3 from event settings.  
   {{event_address_4}} outputs address line 4 from event settings.
   {{event_defaultFromEmail}} outputs default from email address in event settings.  
   {{event_defaultReplyTo}} outputs default reply to: in event settings.  
   {{event_chequeToName}} outputs cheque to name in event settings.  
   {{reg_uid}} outputs the registrant uid.
   {{reg_rl_first}} outputs registrant first name.   
   {{reg_rl_last}} outputs registrant last name.  
   {{reg_full_name}} outputs registrant "first" + "last" name.  
   {{reg_badge_name}} outputs registrant badge name.  
   {{reg_birthday}} outputs registrant birthdate.  
   {{reg_first_created}} outputs registrant account creation date from database.  
   {{reg_common_name}} outputs registrant badge name if not empty - otherwise thier  "first" + "last" name.   
   {{reg_address_ship_to_name}} outputs registrant ship to name.   
   {{reg_address_line_1}} outputs registrant address line 1.  
   {{reg_address_line_2}} outputs registrant address line 2.  
   {{reg_address_city}} outputs registrant address city.  
   {{reg_address_state}} outputs registrant address state. 
   {{reg_address_country}} outputs registrant address country.   
   {{reg_address_zip}} outputs registrant address zip.   
   {{reg_address_full}} outputs registrant address with all fields combined.   
   {{reg_phone_type}} outputs registrant phone type.  
   {{reg_phone_number}} outputs registrant phone number.  
   {{reg_email}} outputs registrant email.  
   {{reg_reg_num}} outputs registrant registration number for current event. 
   {{reg_badge_display_code}} outputs registrant badge layout code. Example: FNOT  
   {{reg_membership_type}} outputs registrant membership code for current event. Example SPON_0
   {{reg_membership_last_updated}} outputs membership last modified date for current event.  
   {{reg_membership_price}} outputs membership price.  
   {{reg_membership_avail_from}} outputs membership available from date. 
   {{reg_membership_avail_to}} outputs membership available to date.   
   {{reg_membership_name}} outputs membership name. (setting: Group Name)
   {{reg_membership_long_name}} outputs membership long name. (setting: Membership Type as printed on badge)  
   {{reg_membership_full_desc}} outputs membership description. (setting: Sales pitch description:) 
   {{reg_membership_rules}} outputs membership rules. (setting: Rules For this membership)  
   {{reg_payment_hold_created}} outputs date payment hold was created for current registrant and event.  
   {{reg_payment_hold_expiry}} outputs date payment hold will expire for current registrant and event. ex: 2020-01-22 18:30:15   
   {{reg_payment_hold_extendable_to}} outputs latest date payment hold can be extended up to for current registrant and event.  
   {{reg_payment_hold_payment_type}} outputs most recent payment type selected for current registrant and event  
   {{reg_payment_hold_expiry_long}} outputs long date payment hold will expire for current registrant and event. ex: Wednesday, January 22, 2020, @ 6:30 PM 

Complex Tags

Complex tags are special tags that allow you to specify more complex replacements. Currently, there is only one complex tag available. More may be added in the future if requested by customers.

Complex tags have multiple parts separated by the "|" symbol. The usage is {{ tag_type | option 1...|option n }} without any spaces. The number of options is defined by the tag type.

User Defined Field Tags

This complex tag allows you to make use of data from the User Defined Field system in Convention Master.

Usage: {{ udf | udf_number | [optional: "value" or "title"] }}   without spaces.

The first part "udf" is the tag name and is required to work. The "udf_number" is the id number of the UDF which can be found in the UDF Admin menu. Replace "udf_number" with the integer id of the desired UDF.

The third argument is optional (defaults to "answer" when not specified) and has two valid inputs:

  • "answer" - Tag will return the current answer of this UDF for the registrant uid of the context. (the reciepient of the email or the kiosk user)
  • "title" - Tag will return the title of the UDF (generally the question itself)
 {{udf|12}} outputs the registrant's answer to UDF 12. 
 {{udf|12|title}} outputs the title of UDF 12. 
 {{udf|12|answer}} outputs the registrant's answer to UDF 12.