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This wiki will attempt to document all things Convention Master. It is brand new and currently a work-in-progress, so if a subject below does not yet have a page or has incomplete documentation, please contact a development team member for more information.

Installation & Upgrade

Installation Guide

  1. Pre-Requisites / Getting Ready
  2. Installing Software on the Server
    1. The Joe Editor
    2. Configure Networking
    3. Configure Apache Web Server
    4. Install the Ioncube Loader
    5. Set up Scheduled Tasks
  3. Installing Convention Master
    1. Add your License
    2. Configure the Database
    3. Connect Convention Master to the Database
    4. Install the CUPS Printing System
    5. Install PkippLib for EPL Printers
  4. Setting up Printing
    1. Configure CUPS
    2. Configure EPL printers (inc. Zebra printers)
    3. Set up Printing to PDF
    4. Set up Socket Printers
    5. Set up CivetPrint (Deprecated)

Upgrading Convention Master

Instructional Guides

Other Pages

Release Notes

  • Release notes: All information on releases of Convention Master can be found here.


You can get support by contacting us via email at support[at]civetsolutions[dot]com